Are mailslots implemented?

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed Mar 16 05:20:59 CST 2005

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> hack.  For Samba4 (which is where we should plan integration, because we
> can design it properly) I would love to see wine able to register for
> such mailslots with the Samba server.  (Alternate non-samba solutions
> will probably be required in parallel, I suppose).

I'm wondering whether fuse ( might be a 
good way for Samba and Wine to communicate?   If Samba were a fuse 
server, and provided named pipes and mailslots through a single fd, that 
would be the perfect interface for Wine.

For those not familiar with why we can't use libsmbclient, it's because 
we need to make sure that many Wine processes can share reading and 
writing to a single file atomically.  ReadFile needs to be done in a 
single read() operation, and WriteFile in a single write(), otherwise 
there'll be race conditions.


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