STI, device drivers and stuff

Mike McCormack mike at
Wed Mar 16 08:44:42 CST 2005

Damjan Jovanovic wrote:

> Thank you, I appreciate it, I made an STI.IDL based on
> your code that compiles with widl. Now I've "just" got
> to write STI.DLL, STIMON.EXE, and some still image
> minidrivers :-).

Cool.  If you can, go ahead and submit it.  If you send your patches a 
bit at a time, they're easy to get accepted.

> Why don't the definitions of LPDWORD, LPBYTE and other
> pointers exist for widl? Should I leave my own
> typedefs of those, or change the function declarations
> to use DWORD*, BYTE* and the like?

Sti.h from the Windows SDK uses LPDWORD, but I think either way is OK.

> I've noticed that STI.DLL uses the IStiDeviceControl
> interface, which is defined by the STIUSD.H file I
> haven't got (it might be part of the Windows DDK or
> something). Any idea where to find it?

I can't see any definition of IStiDeviceControl in the Windows SDK. 
Where are you seeing stiusd.h?


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