Debugging idiosyncrasy

Paul Millar paul at
Wed Mar 16 03:27:02 CST 2005


Something I've noticed whilst playing with winedbg (and its auto 
mode).  If there's no AeDebug key in the registry, then the default 
is to run the debugger in non-interactive mode:

paul at scaramanga:~/CVS/wine$ grep cmdline.*winedbg dlls/kernel/except.c
        sprintf(cmdline, "winedbg --auto %ld %ld",

Yet, if there's no registry at all, then the default registry values 
are configured to run the debugger in interactive mode:

paul at scaramanga:~/CVS/wine$ grep AeDebug.*Debugger tools/wine.inf
NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug,"Debugger",,"winedbg %ld %ld"

I think we should be consistent here, no?


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