WineConf: book your hotel now

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Wed Mar 16 12:45:47 CST 2005

I'm just sending this out as a reminder for everyone to book your
hotel room for WineConf.  For more information, check out:


The last day to reserve a room is tomorrow - March 17th.  There's no
guarantee rooms will be available after that, and I don't have any
indication the hotel will allow reservations after that.  If you
haven't looked at the details, it's a great deal - 81EUR for Friday
and Saturday night and it includes breakfast in the morning.

If you're thinking to yourself, "I'd like to go to Wineconf, but I
don't think I'm cool enough."  Well, you should try to attend.  You'll
probably really enjoy it.

PS - still looking for ideas for the agenda, if you have any, let me
know.  Also let me know if you'd like to present something.


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