Enhancing winetest infrastructure [WAS: Wineconf agenda]

Paul Millar paul at astro.gla.ac.uk
Thu Mar 17 04:03:23 CST 2005

On Thursday 17 March 2005 10:33, Jakob Eriksson wrote:
> Apart from all of Wine, I'm always interested in the conformance
> testing. I believe it's crucial in speeding up Wines' development.
> For each bug found, it is often a good idea to write an automatic
> regression test.

Yes, although that's a rather weary job, which no one enjoys doing :^/

> Maybe we can extend on the winetest.exe infrastructure. I would
> like to see testing done in realtime [...]

There's three issues here:

  o  fast(er) update of CVS (or whatever filestore we're using).

    This would need either:
      *  a super-charged Alexandre ;)
      *  a separate CVS tree in which developers can edit the
         wine/dlls/*/tests/ directory,
      *  give up on centralised/distributed testing architecture and
          switch to a personal testing environment.

  o  fast(er) build of winetest.exe

    I originally argued for async. winetests and went as far as
    implementing this as part of WRT, so in principles this is already
    done.  WRT worked based on the email notification of CVS updates.
    Builds, with minor changes, doesn't take long (using ccache), so
    you're probably looking 10-20 minutes turn around, with whatever
    delay the test-clients introduce.

    Though, without fixing the first issue, this doesn't help us much.

  o  fast(er) running, through vmware platforms.

    Sure, this can be done, but its a distributed model, so everyone
    can chip in.  Shouldn't be too difficult to achieve this.

Just my 2-c worth :)

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