STI, device drivers and stuff

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Mar 17 07:05:09 CST 2005

Damjan Jovanovic wrote:

> I'll see if I can get it from the ReactOS people. Does
> anyone else on this mailing list have the Windows DDK
> around and a spare stiusd.h they want to share?

Are you planning to write an STI mini-driver or just trying to load one?

I don't think you'll have much success trying to load one, and I'm not 
sure you need to write one.

I would have imagined that you implement IStillImage as returned by 
sti.StiCreateInstance() :

IStillImage::GetDeviceList will enumerate all the V4L devices available.

IStillImage::CreateDevice will open one and return an IStiDevice 
interface associated with one V4L device.

IStillDevice::RawReadData will read stuff from the V4L device.

Why are mini-drivers needed?


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