Enhancing winetest infrastructure [WAS: Wineconf agenda]

Jakob Eriksson jakov at vmlinux.org
Thu Mar 17 12:38:53 CST 2005

C. Scott Ananian wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Mar 2005, Jakob Eriksson wrote:
>> Ouch. Of course, should have thought of that. Maybe we
>> need a patch penguin?
> CVS actually handles 'vendor branches' fairly nicely.  It should be 
> possible for Jakob (or whoever else decides to be the 'test penguin') 
> to maintain his own 'testing' CVS tree, with rapid development, etc, 
> and periodically resync his own tree to canonical Wine CVS (using the 
> vendor branch functionality) and then create large-ish 'tests-only' 
> chunks from that to throw at Alexandre "once in a while".
> There really shouldn't be much reason for Alexandre to reject patches 
> that touch tests only; after all, if the tests pass on windows, they 
> should pass on wine, no matter how evil they look.  (Well, within 
> reason.)
> That's MHO, at least.  If I understand correctly, the primary reason 
> for the 'testing' CVS is just to manage distribution of proposed tests 
> to a server farm of test-runners; which is slightly different from the 
> purpose of the mainline CVS tree.  [Also -- a decoupled 'testing' CVS 
> like I describe above can be implemented by the motivated folks w/o 
> Alexandre's involvement at all, which permits judgements to be 
> postponed until we've got some evidence of usefulness.]

Yes. And I think I can implement most of even the more elaborate schemes 
without initially
disturbing Alexandre or anyone else. As you say, until we get more 
evidence of usefulness.

> In this vein -- where *is* the current testing infrastructre located?
> I'm pretty new to Wine, and I couldn't find any links from winehq.
> [These should probably be added, or made more visible if they do exist,
> especially if the goal is to encourage test submission with patch 
> submission.]



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