Registration of dlls - proposition

Robert Shearman rob at
Fri Mar 18 15:04:03 CST 2005

Jacek Caban wrote:

> Hi,
> Currently functions Dll[Un]RegisterServer in Wine look strange to me.
> It's a great code duplication. As we have ATLRegistrar implementation 
> right now
> it can be changed. We can use ATL to register dlls. This way functions
> Dll[Un]RegisterServer can be really simple and registry can be 
> described by
> elastic and simple rgs scripts.

The format of the .rgs files does not look that appealing to me. The 
native components usually implement DllRegisterServer by calling an 
advpack function on a .inf file stored in the dll's resources. This 
format is cleaner, but still has the disadvantage that you cannot do 
anything dynamic with it, such as, registering typelibs and registering 
interface marshalers.

> The benefit is: no code duplication, more elastic and clean 
> registration code. What do you think?
> Is it a good idea?

In my opinion, no. I would prefer to have the current common regsvr code 
in a file that can be included, which would bring about the same benefits.


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