Wine FAQ removed from the doc tarballs

Hiji hijinio at
Sat Mar 19 11:23:12 CST 2005

> I always find it annoying when I cannot go to
> /usr/share/doc/<package> 

I suppose the other option is to provide all docs as a
seperate package on a release basis (like any other
package.)  I could be wrong on this, but I don't think
the docs are updated on a monthly basis. :)  For
example, a user could see that the newest Wine package
released thus far is from March and the newest Wine
docs package could be November of last year (arbitrary
date).  And if its only 23kb, it shouldn't be much of
a problem for modem users; escpecially since it saves
them from having to download an extra 23kb with every
Wine release when they don't really need it. :)


P.S. Looking at , it
looks like they are already doing something similar
with their help files.  They offer them as a seperate download.

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