ddraw correctness fixes patch

Matthew Mastracci matt at aclaro.com
Sun Mar 20 11:05:42 CST 2005

Christian Costa wrote:

> I think the problem Matthew was talking is how to remap surface pointers.
> I sent something to Mattew but I forgot to cc wine-devel, sorry.
> Basically it was :
> depth = surface_desc.u4.ddpfPixelFormat.u1.dwRGBBitCount;
> ddesc.lpSurface -= (lock_dst.left - lock_union.left)*(depth+7)/8 + 
> ddesc.lPictch * (lock_dst.top - lock_union.top);
> sdesc.lpSurface -= (lock_src.left - lock_union.left)*(depth+7)/8) + 
> sdesc.lPictch * (lock_src.top - lock_union.top);

I implemented the surface pointer remapping in my lastest patch, but 
chose to adjust the surface pointers from the raw surface pointer 
instead of the pre-adjusted value returned from the Lock() call.  It's 
the same logic, but easier to verify as correct to the eye.

If you could take a look at the latest patch, I'd appreciate it.


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