[shlwapi/tests/shreg.c] Question about ExpandEnvironmentStringsA

Paul Vriens Paul.Vriens at xs4all.nl
Mon Mar 21 03:00:59 CST 2005


while going through some results on test.winehq.org I've noticed
something regarding ExpandEnvironmentStringsA. One of the NT4 tests (I
think it's one from Ivan Leo Puoti?) comes back with:

shreg.c:97:sExplen1 = (24)
shreg.c:99:sExplen2 = (86)

while all others (i.e. win98/nt4/w2k/winxp) I've seen so far return:

shreg.c:97:sExplen1 = (12)
shreg.c:99:sExplen2 = (43)

Why is/could the length be doubled in his case?



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