Attempt to make buttons themed

Frank Richter resqu at
Tue Mar 22 08:41:30 CST 2005

On 22.03.2005 15:12, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> It creates circular dependencies and an impossibility to correctly start up Wine.
> Imagine for a moment that ntdll depends on foo.dll which in turn imports kernel32.

Maybe that can be worked around by having user32.dll load uxtheme.dll lazily... 
This way, when uxtheme.dll is loaded, user32.dll should be loaded and useable by 
uxtheme.dll. If for some reason uxtheme can't be loaded, no problem either, you 
just don't get theming.

Apparently, Wine does handle that circularity quite well. I guess as long as you 
don't call uxtheme code from the user32 DLL init code and/or vice versa things 
should work.


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