fix wrc to parse some Borland dialog resources

Michael Lin mlin at
Tue Mar 22 19:29:25 CST 2005

Robert Shearman wrote:

>Filip Navara wrote:
>> Michael Lin wrote:
>>> * change wrc to parse '&' and '~' when specifying style 
>> I believe the attached patch would be better can use 
>> arbitrary expressions in the style definitions with Microsoft Resource 
>> Compiler...

>In that case, "style '|' style" and "tNOT xpr" are already handled by 
>the xpr rules so this can be made a lot simpler.

Hi all,

Just want to bring up this topic again. From what Robert suggested, the style rule can 
be reduced to the following:

     : xpr       		{ $$ = new_style($1, 0); }
However, this will render the style->and_mask useless as it is never used.
In style expression, '~' and tNOT are treated differently.
'~' is applied as it is parsed, ie from left to right like normal expressions.
However, tNOT is applied at the very end, after all other or_mask are combined and
I believe this is why there are or_mask and and_mask in style.

xpr won't work here as it treats tNOT and '~' the same.

So adding '&' and '~' might be a better solution here.


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