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On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 03:43:40PM -0800, Steven Edwards wrote about 'Re: registry TODO':
> --- Boaz Harrosh <boaz at> wrote:
> > How is ReactOS's current (future) system?

> I think ReactOS's registry is binary compatible with NT4. It and the windows 2000 format was
> documented/reversed for samba and the linux ntchpwd bootdisk projects. If I remeber right Eirc
> Kohl offered to release some of his work to Wine for the binary format so you might want to ping
> him about the implementation details.
Samba currently only has read-only support for NT4 registry files. I'm
still trying to figure out how to do writes (i.e. how to do memory
management in the hbin blocks). Does ReactOS support such a thing?



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