Attempt to make buttons themed

Rob Shearman rob at
Wed Mar 23 11:27:06 CST 2005

Boaz Harrosh wrote:

> I'm not 100% but I think there is no need for duplicate code. All 
> comctl32 needs to do is chain to the user32 classes, only overriding 
> PAINT messages and some mouse events. So you don't have to reinvent 
> the wheel.

Erm, it's not just the painting that needs to be overridden. The 
controls often need to be able to calculate their size

> Do you need lots of themed controls WM_PAINT code? Check out 
> GUILIB project. They owner draw all windows controls 
> with themes support.

The interface to UxTheme is fairly straight-forward. The SDK sample 
"ThemeExplorer" is probably worth looking at.


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