Segfault in X11DRV_DIB_BuildColorTable (DIB_PAL_COLORS)

Jesse D Zbikowski jdz at
Wed Mar 23 16:38:22 CST 2005

The patch worked like a charm.  I guess it's true about arrays
being evil :)

Jesse Z.

<quote who="Glenn Wurster">
> I have attached a patch below which may fix the problem.  Index is a
> WORD but yet we only have 256 entries in the palette that we get from
> GetPaletteEntries - if any of the values is more, we jump past the end
> of pal_ents.  I've modified the function to allow access to all 65536
> colour values and adjust for values that are beyond the range of valid
> palette indexes.  The patch is completely untested but let me know if
> it fixes the issue.

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