I think I know how uxtheme works...

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Wed Mar 23 22:55:13 CST 2005

Jonathan Wilson wrote:

> Exactly how the theme service and theme engine works "under the hood" 
> doesnt matter.
> But for ReactOS and WINE purposes, I suggest we implement the following:
> 1.A function similar to RegisterUserApiHooks/UnregisterUserApiHooks 
> (either reverse engineer the MS function or write our own). This will 

I really don't like the way you're going about figuring these things 
out.  It seems to me like you're disassembling and reading assembly the 
Microsoft DLLs, as you've done in the past (your cards.dll 
"implementation").  This bars you from them reimplementing them, IMO.

Please don't post stuff like this to wine-devel.  Reading descriptions 
on MSDN and writing test programs should be sufficient for figuring out 
how Windows works.


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