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Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at
Thu Mar 24 07:55:53 CST 2005

Hi George,

>If I change the size to 18 the plus is drawn correctly
>Does anybody knows anything about this ?

The native controls draw a different kind of cross for large items,
which looks a lot nicer. I added this but the initial threshold for
deciding when to draw the large cross was too small, as reported by
Ge Van Geldorp from the ReactOS crew - The thread starts here:

The size was changed to 18 which seems to work (as you found
yourself). I don't know what size or algorithm MS uses to determine
when to switch the drawn style, but noone has reported an issue with
this since then. You should maybe consider working with a more up to
date Wine version, since that patch was committed over 2 months ago.

Hope that helps,

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