Dos pgm loading question (Bug#440 ish)

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Thu Mar 24 15:42:31 CST 2005


>> I was trying to confirm an old bug still existed and the bug #440 has
>> a tar file with an exe in it which apparently used to run under wine and
>> fails with some problems later on. Nowdays, it fails dismally when you
>> to launch it.

>What exactly is the bug number and where that DOS .exe could be found?
>The bug #440 appears to be related to a completely different problem.

Yes - the bug describes a different problem, but was raised 2+ years ago.
Basically it now fails in a different way, and I started looking into why
because it dies so early on - Literally it doesn't load the exe properly at
all whereas it works on windows.

The exe is in the attached tar on the bug, and although dos support isn't
high on wines list, its really bugging me as to why our calculation is


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