saving winrash

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at
Thu Mar 24 17:27:43 CST 2005

Hello all,
currently winrash users aren't returning any results from their testing.
This is because we need tests to run on a visible desktop, better still 
in interactive mode.
To save both the tests and winrash we need winrash to be somewhat 
similar to windows automatic updates,
when new tests are available, winrash should pop up and say "new tests 
are available, run now?" and then give a
yes/no, later option. Like this we can have interactive tests, and use 
winrash so people don't have to remember to download/run the tests. I do 
it but downloading the exe manually/opening a command line in the 
desktop/running the tests with the -t option/deleting the test.exe file 
isn't exactly user friendly. Maybe this task should go in the todo list, 
or should at least go on the web site somewhere, it would be an 
attractive task for newcomers with windows programming experience.


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