I think I know how uxtheme works...

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Fri Mar 25 03:38:43 CST 2005

Jonathan Wilson wrote:
> What I am doing here is clean-room reverse engineering.

There's no reason that we need to expose ourselves to any legal risk at 
all.   It may be your opinion that reading assembly code and describing 
it is legal and safe, but I don't agree and I'm sure others who work on 
Wine don't either.

The original IBM BIOS was clean room reverse engineered because there 
was not enough documentation available for it.  We have MSDN, which is 
not 100% complete, but is good enough for most purposes.  Other things 
can be deduced from test programs.  Information that cannot be deduced 
by a test program is irrelevant.

Reverse engineering does not help Wine.  Casual observers will assume 
that Wine is the result of reverse engineering by disassembly, which is 
incorrect and harmful.


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