redirecting text to standard out

Raphael Clifford raphael at
Fri Mar 25 09:14:04 CST 2005


I am running a windows app under wine that prints text to the screen. 
This can be copied and pasted into wine's notepad.  Is there any way to 
get wine to simply output all text written by the app to standard out? 
This would save me a lot of hassle :) I don't mind if it outputs far too 
much (text from buttons etc) as I am planning on filtering the 
information in any case.

It has been suggested to me to edit TextOut (or ExtTextOut) in dlls/gdi 
somewhere and simply add a printf.  I had a look but this is the first 
time I have ever looked at wine source and I am completely baffled.  Any 
help is very much appreciated.


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