winetest: code reorder

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Fri Mar 25 10:47:27 CST 2005

"Dmitry Timoshkov" <dmitry at> writes:

> "Ferenc Wagner" <wferi at> wrote:
>> The -s option (submit file, do not run tests) makes sense
>> anyway.  But my main reason is that it drove me mad by not
>> obeying the -c option (no GUI) in some test runs.  And I
>> don't think it hurts or contradicts your aims.
> I'd prefer to deprecate running winetest in any other mode
> except of on a visible desktop in order to avoid
> confusion.

There are no two different modes.  It's doing tests on a
visible desktop only.

> Again, there is no point in running it in 2 different
> modes if all you just want to do is to send the test
> results you've got by running winetest in interactive mode
> 2 minutes ago.

This feature was explicitly requested to get around proxies
and such.

The point is: the method of operation (GUI, console, quiet)
should be taken into account already when displaying the
error message about desktop visibility.  It matters when you
drive winetest from another program.  I strongly believe
that the intended functionality of the moved lines is
totally preserved by this patch.  If it's not the case, then
I made a mistake and would be happy if you pointed it out.
I just don't understand your concerns...

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