DDRAW: Surface locking patch, take 2

Matthew Mastracci matt at aclaro.com
Sat Mar 26 11:40:57 CST 2005

Matthew Mastracci wrote:
> This patch (correctly) fixes the locking problems in SimCity 3000.  We 
> now check to see if the blit src and dest are the same surface and, if 
> so, we make sure to lock the surface only once and, in the case of 
> BltFast, re-adjust the surface pointers.  This patch also makes sure the 
> surfaces are correctly unlocked if a bad rectangle is passed.
> ChangeLog
> Correctly lock and unlock surface for a single-surface Blt() and 
> BltFast() call.

I'm just pinging the list ot see if there's any reason why this patch 
hasn't been applied yet.  AFAIK, it takes into account all the feedback 
received so far.

Let me know how I can fix it if there is an issue.  :)


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