advapi: remove signature checking code.

Michael Jung mjung at
Mon Mar 28 16:08:27 CST 2005


Microsoft signs it's cryptographic service provider (csp) dlls with a private 
key. advapi32 will only load csp dlls with a valid signature. We will never 
be able to implement this, since this would mean having access to Microsoft's 
private keys. Above this, Microsofts scheme doesn't give real security, since 
there are instructions on the web to replace advapi32's _NSAKEY with an 
arbitrary private key (this is if you have write access to advapi32.dll), 
allowing you to load a csp signed by yourself. 

I would like to remove the (stubbed) signature checking code from advapi32. 
This would clean up advapi32 somewhat and remove a FIXME message, which 
bothers me for some time and which confused wine users in at least two 

Comments anyone?

Michael Jung
mjung at
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