Progress of work on MSHTML

Jacek Caban jack at
Tue Mar 29 16:07:17 CST 2005

I decided that it's time to write here about my work. I'm working on an
of MSHTML using Gecko (Mozilla's engine) API. Results of this work you
can see here:
Yes, it is Internet Explorer on Mozilla's engine under Wine! At last...
it doesn't work
as nice as one can think looking at the picture... but it starts to work.

I'd like to do it using Linux Mozilla, but to do it I'd need to pass
GtkWidget to Gecko.
So AFAIK there is no way to do it in an acceptable way for Wine. If
there is, please
let me know.

Gecko API is based on XPCOM that is quite similar to MSCOM. We cannot use
Gecko's headers as they are designed for C++, but I wrote idl files that can
be used by widl to generate binary-compatibile headers. Fortunetly,
interfaces, we can do everything using only C functions. Currently Wine's
implementayion uses Mozilla ActiveX Comtrol. It's enough for some
using it as replacement of WebBrowser Control, yet I don't know anyone using
it as replacement of HTMLDocument (and it won't work as this is control, not

This code needs a lot of cleanup and I need to remove temporary hacks,
but I think
it's time to start sending patches. Unfortunetly I'll be out next week
and this week
I won't have much time. This week I'll send only some simple code, and
later will
come more.

Just wanted let you know:)

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