Regression: origin6 crashes with 20050310 (20050211 works)

Tobias Burnus burnus at
Wed Mar 30 06:32:15 CST 2005


Tobias Burnus wrote:
> I try to run a freshly installed Origin6.0 with 20050310, but it shows
> only the splash window and crashes then. Using the previous release
> 20050211 it runs just fine.

I tracked it down to
Modified files:
	dlls/user      : edit.c
Log message:
	Lauri Tulmin <tulmin at>
	Implemented !ES_AUTO[HV]SCROLL.

With that patch, it shows quickly the border of the splash window and 
crashes then, without it does not crash. (Though there seem to be
another bug, preventing it from running: It opens the main window and no 
more happens [100%]. I'll later try to find the patch causing that one.)


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