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use regedit at the beginning of your script to set the AeDebug key to a "" string (and you should have saved the key value before), and restore it at the end of your script

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> Objet : Wine Debugger
> I am trying to write a script which, at one point, needs to run the wine 
> test suite, accomplished with:
> make -k test
> Even though this skips over bad tests, it does not prevent the debugger 
> from kicking in every once in a while and asking for user input. I would 
> like this script to be robust enough to run the test suite without user 
> input, even when one of the tests fails badly enough to call the debugger.
> So, is there any way to disable the debugger so that the script can just 
> continue on errors and not sit at a "Wine-dbg>" prompt?
> Thanks,
> Cal Pierog
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