installing Win32 Compilers

Wesley Parish wes.parish at
Thu Mar 31 05:52:52 CST 2005

Installing MinGW32 together with msys-1.* and msysDTK was a breeze.  I started 
installing lccwin32, only to find problems with the library compilation in 
the latter part of installation, with it hanging once it got to 

commandline.txt  fdlibm.lib    lcccrt0.obj   libcrt0s.obj  stdlib.idx
complex.lib      gdbmdll.lib   lcccrt0s.obj  libml.lib     tcconio.lib
daguid.lib       gdbm.lib      lcc.lib       regexp.lib    UUID.LIB
dx8math.lib      glaux.lib     libc.lib      scrnsave.lib  weditres.lib
dxguid.lib       iostream.lib  libcrt0.obj   shell32.lib   wizard/

until I stopped it.  Consequently it hung on installing Sleepycat's db.

I'll erase the installation and try again, this time saving the error 

Wesley Parish

PS But wow, it felt good, watching MinGW32 install _without_ a hitch!  Well 
Clinersterton beademung, with all of love - RIP James Blish
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