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Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sun May 1 03:16:18 CDT 2005

The thing to understand is that any failure of "make test" due to either 
default configuration or a bug in anything other than wine is a failure 
of the test system. If "make test" passed, and Alexandre committed a 
patch, then this patch MUST pass on all machines. If that's not the 
case, then people will (and do) not use the test infrastructure, and 
more tests fail. That's not good!

As such, I think you should fix your test to not fail (or mark it as a 
test wine does not pass). If you have different behaviors whether the 
driver bug exists or not on my system, split the test into two parts. 
This way, you can have one test that passes on wine whether or not the 
driver is broken (i.e. - if the bug in wine comes up, ignore it). The 
second test is one that fails if the bug in the driver doesn't come up, 
and if the bug in the driver does come up, fails if wine handles it 
differently from Windows. Mark this test as "fails on wine" until you 
fix it.

This way, the tests won't fail on my machine, regardless of how it is 
set up. Like I said, getting the tests to pass on all wine hackers 
machines is crucial to build confidence with the tests, thus allowing 
people to run the tests prior to sending patches.

If you are in Stuttgart, feel free to grab me and talk about it.


Robert Reif wrote:

> Shachar Shemesh wrote:
>> The problem is that I'm not interested in this test. I just think 
>> that, off the shelf, tests should not fail. My opinion is that if 
>> this is not a problem with Wine, it shouldn't fail the test.
> The issue from a test perspective is that wine fails differently
> than windows under this situation.  Wine really does
> initialization at CoCreateInstance and our Initialize
> really does nothing.  Wine should fail at Initialize, not
> CoCreateInstance.
> Moving initialization to Initialize will require some
> restructuring of the code in dsound.dll.  I'll look into it
> but won't promis any fixes real soon.

Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting ltd.

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