winamp and OleMainThreadWindow

luis lenders lgvlenders at
Mon May 2 04:22:28 CDT 2005

Hi, whenever i run winamp i get an "extra" window like
in attached screenshot (in the upper left corner):

Further investigation shows it's this window:

trace:win:WIN_CreateWindowEx "OleMainThreadWndName"
"OleMainThreadWndClass 0x###
##### " ex=00000000 style=88000000
-2147483648,-2147483648 -2147483648x-21474836
48 parent=(nil) menu=(nil) inst=0x65f00000
trace:win:dump_window_styles style: WS_POPUP
trace:win:dump_window_styles exstyle:
trace:win:WIN_CreateWindowEx winproc type is 2
trace:win:WIN_SetWindowLong 0x10022 -12 0 3
trace:win:WIN_CreateWindowEx created window 0x10022

Googling shows it's a kind of hidden window but
somehow in wine it gets displayed. Anyone knows why it
is displayed and how to get rid of the window, as in
windows it is not shown..

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