Wine 20050310 redraw problems (specifically with Paint Shop Pro 7)

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue May 3 09:33:56 CDT 2005

I remember posting about this quite a while ago but decided to revisit
it, and it seems like it's still an issue in the 20050310  build of

Wine has real trouble with refreshing drawing surface windows in Paint
Shop Pro 7:

 - the background in a new image window isn't cleared

 - tools that display tooltips (such as the colour selector control)
leave tooltip debris all over the drawing surface when they're moved

 - drawing surface isn't refreshed if partially / totally obscured by
other windows and then made visible again.

Normal windows, dialogs etc. are working fine (and tooltips work fine
too above normal controls) - it would seem that the drawing surfaces in
PSP7 are handled differently (presumably for speed reasons) and wine is
having some serious problems handling them.

Any ideas for a workaround / patch, or is this bug known about and in
the pipeline to be sorted out? I've exhausted various options in the
Wine config file to do with display output; the problem seems to be in
core code somewhere.

I get the following error message at startup as follows:

  fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub

followed by several: 

  err:region:CombineRgn Invalid rgn=(nil)

... the latter used to happen an awful lot in earlier wine builds whilst
the app was being used, but note that it's *not* happening with the
20050310 build whilst I try and use the app; only at startup time. (In
other words, it's quite possibly not related to the redraw issues at

Any ideas? PSP7 is so "almost there" that it'd be a shame if it wasn't

Happy to provide further details if someone gives me instructions as to
what to look at! 



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