Commercial support

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue May 3 15:22:34 CDT 2005

Oh, fine, start a flame war while I'm off
travelling around Germany.  <grin>

In my not very humble opinion, I think that any
commercial support section of the WineHQ web
site should be open to anyone that requests to
be listed there, and that it should be in alphabetical
order.  However, I think the list should be fairly
simple with a link to full details.

I do think that some reasonable pruning is
fair; someone that is obviously trolling without
any Wine credentials at all, or someone that falls
off the map, for example, should get pruned.  But it
should be awfully hard to get kicked out, imo.

Now you can take my $0.02 and add EUR $1.48, and you
have a cup of coffee (and you really will, because
you don't have to factor in tax, and that's so nice) :-/



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