Commercial support

Peter at
Wed May 4 03:34:30 CDT 2005


I think that everybody should have access to give support. If you put
some rules on companies have to start to think if they want to do that.

In order to make a difference to companies that do something and don't
they can enter their number of Employe who work on wine, Projects worked
on or patches submitted. 

Anyway what winehq decides in this matter the list has to be maintained
by someone who is not involved with any company on the List to be
neutral. He will check the Accurance of the list and control the rules
that are set off. And he should have the power to put companies of the
He should be responsible to this list or something so he again gets

At best my thoughts are rough but it should be not to easy to cheat on
this Wine Support Company List...


Am Dienstag, den 03.05.2005, 23:18 +0200 schrieb wino at
> On Tue, 03 May 2005 22:22:34 +0200, Jeremy White <jwhite at>  
> wrote:
> > Now you can take my $0.02 and add EUR $1.48, and you
> > have a cup of coffee (and you really will, because
> > you don't have to factor in tax, and that's so nice) :-/
> LOL !
> <b>EUR $1.48 </b> eh? I have long suspected the existance of eurodolloars  
> , now the cats out of the bag.
> We'ed probably be as well adopting the US constitution while we're about  
> it. It makes more sense that the wooly non-constitution they are trying to  
> ram down our throats at the moment.
> Still I am sure we can rely on the French to reject it . Votez NON !!

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