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Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Thu May 5 04:42:50 CDT 2005

On Thu, 5 May 2005, James Hawkins wrote:
> You can't type in a unix file path in
> windows, so I don't see why we should allow it in wine.  That is what
> the virtual drives are for.

I believe the rationale is to provide a better integration with the Unix 
environment. Here's the scenario where I see this used.

Some ISV, e.g. Borland, ports their popular application, e.g. Kylix, to 
Linux using Wine and/or Winelib. With Wine as it stands, their 'Unix' 
application still display Windows paths in the File Open dialogs, thus 
causing an outcry from Unix users that they don't want to have to deal 
with Windows drives, that it's not a real port, that ports done with 
Wine suck, etc.

This is where this extension intervenes: it lets the application ask for 
a Unix File Open dialog, thus giving a more native look to the 
application. Note that it's quite possible the application will turn 
around and immediately convert the path back to a Windows path using the 
APIs you mentioned and a, now hidden, Z: drive. But, if done well, 
that's none of the user's concern, all that counts here is what the user 
sees in the File Open dialog.

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