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Tom Wickline twickline at
Thu May 5 07:24:21 CDT 2005

On 5/5/05, Jakob Eriksson <jakov at> wrote:
> I invoke Godwins law.
> "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison
> involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."

So, Are you saying I'm a Nazi for putting what you would consider a
high price tag on a listing? All I'm saying is the referral by is worth more than the pocket change that you want to
give.. If the majority here want to give away this space that's fine
with me..   I'm just saying a listings true value is worth more than
what you want to pay.. And should receive something closer
to the true market value as a $100.00 is a joke.

How about this ...

Listing price is $10,000 and for each line of code that your or your
identity sends to wine-patches and is excepted into the Wine tree you
receive $1.00 credit.
So 10,000 lines = free listing, No code = $10,000 in US funds.

Or the free ride that some of you expect? 

Tom Wickline

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