Commercial support

Peter Kovacs peter.kovacs at
Thu May 5 03:43:49 CDT 2005

>Rather than set threshholds on capacity, there might be a tiered
>whereby anybody can get a class D listing for nothing. Class C, B and
>listings would cost $200, $1000, and $10000. The page would then be
>ranked by 
>listing class, and within listing class by geography.

How do you want to determine the different classes. If I pay 10.000$ I
get listed on the Premium list?
Or is it more that If I have more employees working on wine i pay more
for being a official supporter?
I am not sure if this is what the winhq should aim at. On the market it
could work I do not know because I do not know how great the exsisting
demand is.
But we should be careful with lists. Every list is a official
recommandation. And the wine Project should take care that these People
do honestly contribute to wine.

A general fee for all is better IMHO. We could make a fee 0f 200$ link
the List to a profile where the Companies stats is listed. There we
could make a Rubrik like the Company donated over X $ to the project.
That would state the closeness and the support.
You move up in the list if you collect enough points by producing code,
patches and donation. Wich you can check on the profile.

How bout that?

>3) a link back to from there site and not twenty pages into
>there site.

We could make a Button like Offical Wine support for the Commercial
supporter. This button can be placed on the homepage.

>7) if a banned party wants re-instatement they must pay a fine of
>$25,000 and post a written apology to the community for there actions.

It would be better if a official Wine Support Company signs a contract
where it agrees to an penalty payment if violating the contract. The
violation fee could be differ to the severity of the violation.

This sounds serious to me. Because this is a two way road. We promise
the company to treat them right and they ensure us to be honest on the

Of course a contract is a bit more demanding then the simple list but
they become the OFFICIAL Partner for wine. I think that is more worth
then a fee.


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