Debugging remotely from Visual studio

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Thu May 5 11:34:01 CDT 2005

David Hemmo a écrit :
> Hello,
> After reading a mail exchanges about ptrace on Linux, I decided to 
> switch to a newer Linux kernel to see how it modified my problem.
> Things got worse. Restarting a program from Visual studio stopped working.
> Is there anyone that can explain me how things are supposed to work ?
> I think I know the basics. To start, the debugger set the bit 0x100 in 
> EFlags ot the current context, then wine test this bit to check what 
> parameter to send to ptrace to restart the process. It gets blurry after 
> that ... What happens after the traced instruction executes ?
- kernel send a trap signal
- wine's ntdll catches it, and queue the information as a debug event in the 
- the debugger (msvcmon in your case) get notified of the trap while waiting for 
a debug event


Eric Pouech

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