wineconf video downloads

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Thu May 5 16:22:33 CDT 2005

On 5/4/05, Tom Wickline <twickline at> wrote:
> Could someone name the files better? for example :
> Dimi_presentation.avi then we will know who is the presenter and
> from reading WWN people will know the topic.

fyi, I think this is what the files correspond to:

2005_04_30_10_12_39.avi Dimi 
2005_04_30_11_13_44.avi ???
2005_04_30_11_22_59.avi Charles Stevenson
2005_04_30_13_31_16.avi Juan
2005_04_30_14_00_31.avi Andrew Tridgell
2005_04_30_16_31_39.avi Andrew Bartlett
2005_05_01_08_52_15.avi ROS = Steven & Hyperion
2005_05_01_09_52_29.avi Jason E.
2005_05_01_11_12_30.avi Mike M. & Aric
2005_05_01_13_57_26.avi Marcus
2005_05_01_15_07_37.avi Paul & Jeremy W.
2005_05_01_16_48_07.avi Dimi #2


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