Winelib's role in converting Windows applications

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Thu May 5 20:51:18 CDT 2005

Hi Ira,

--- Ira Krakow <ikrakow_1999 at> wrote:
> For example, if the application requires PAM
> authentication, or a Linux-based help system, these
> modules would be separated out and encapsulated as
> Winelib objects.  I was thinking of using PAM
> authentication as a good example, since it works for
> any authentication scheme that the application
> requires.  
> This is the approach I plan to take.  I welcome all
> feedback.

Another good example is from the UI point of view where
you don't want users to have to deal with drive letters
in a Unix env. Using winelib it would be possible to
directly call GTK/GDK or KDE and use browse dialogs.

Of course some work seems to be going on to add support for
this directly to shell32 so someone else might know suggest
a better way.


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