unix filenames in notepad

Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Fri May 6 05:29:23 CDT 2005

Troy Rollo wrote:

>If it's too complex for *you* then nobody's asking *you* to implement it. It's 
>needed for some uses of WINE, and we have at least one corporate developer 
>and one individual developer who are willing to implement it. This pretty 
>much guarantees something will be implemented whether it's beyond your 
>capabilities or not. The only real question is what is the best *way* to 
>implement it.
What I did is a solution totally out of wine. I changed the File-Dialog 
code to load KDE native, and use the Unix-2-windows Wine API(s) before 
calling the Win32 API. Same for a few Edit boxes that hold file paths. 
Inside was all Win32 only the highest GUI level was abstracted in a 
Class that hides it all. (Different file implementation in Makefiles). 
This and the Z: drive in setup and I was covered.
It is an outside wine solution. One could submit it as a Winelib only 
code. I cannot send my code as it is not Licensed to me, and any way it 
is in C++ and using a very strange GUI lib.

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