Regression in Half life

fenix at fenix at
Fri May 6 08:40:37 CDT 2005


>Uh, no, this doesn't help :-(
>Half-life supports only 16bpp(well, I can set it to other values with regedit, 
>but it seems to have no effect), fglrx supports 24bpp only.

No problem here.

>I switched to the Xorg radeon driver which has 16 bpp support(the 2nd column 
>shows 16 now), and made sure that hl runs with 16bpp, but the error still 

Yes it don't work,
because you speak about frame buffer (named Color buffer on traces) when you speak about 16bpp. I spoke about depth buffer 

>  - Depth   : 32    <---- Is half-Life still trying to get 32bpp?????

Yes, but not 32bpp for frame buffer
only for depth buffer (usually Z-buffer)

>But even if it worked this way, this wouldn't be a good solution for ATI 
>users, because playing newer games with the "radeon" driver is horrible.
>(e.g. Jedi Academy, gl-117, even tuxracer makes problems).
>Removing the failing check from Wine's opengl code doesn't help, it causes a 
>hard crash later.

Yes because game expect 32bpp for Depth buffer and if game try to read directly into this buffer you'll have some problems 


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