unix filenames in notepad

Tobias Burnus burnus at gmx.de
Fri May 6 04:43:03 CDT 2005


William Poetra Yoga H wrote:
>>That's the beauty of it!  wineprefixcreate sets z: to point to /
>>automatically.  Of course the user can always change what z: points
>>to, but / is the default location.
> What I mean is, z: -> / is implied in the source. So even without a z: symlink,
> the z: drive will appear and contains the files in /. This is an extension by
> itself, but I think it's better than enabling users to input unix paths in
> dialog boxes.

Well, as a user I still like to have Unix paths in the dialog box if I 
buy a Linux application (as I user I don't care whether it uses 
internally wine/winelib or Gtk or Qt). I don't want to convert
"/home/user/a very long path/FOO/my.file" into
"z:\home\user\a very long\path\FOO\my.file" instead of simply pasting it 
into the open-file dialog. (I actually would expect that "/FOO/" and 
"/foo/" are distingushed and that a filename like "My\funny\file" works, 
ok no one uses '\' for filenames, but having both "/PDF/" and "/pdf/" 
happend actually to me. ;)

But this is from a pure user point of view.

who has a Corel Draw for Linux which doesn't want to run anymore.

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