WineConf todo list

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Fri May 6 20:23:35 CDT 2005

I'm trying to gather a list of stuff we said needed to be done at 
WineConf. Of course the initial list is going to be horribly incomplete 
but I'm sure others will contribute the missing pieces.

  * Wine Wiki
    This seems to be done already. It's available there:

  * Add a list of companies providing Wine services and support
    This discussion/flameware is in full swing.

  * Putting the videos online
    Maybe some retouching / cleanup to do if we find someone 
knowledgeable and willing.

  * Moving the Wine doc to SourceForge
    The documentation, i.e. the SGML files in documentation/, uses 
completely different tools from the rest of Wine. Also Alexandre does 
not want to deal with its translations. So move the SGML documentation 
to its own CVS repository, winedoc, which we could host on SourceForge. 
The English version would go in the en subdirectory so we can easily add 

  * Check in the French translation and corresponding infrastructure. The 
translation will go in the fr subdirectory of the winedoc CVS 
repository. At the same time the infrastructure for adding other 
translations should be put in place.

  * Make an easy to use cxtest script.
    The idea is to have a script which could be put in a crontab so it 
can be run entirely automatically and which would:
    - checkout / update and recompile CXTest
    - checkout / update and recompile the latest Wine
    - run regression tests using Wine's Winelib applications
    - maybe download some free applications and run tests to make sure 
they install and start up
    Jozef Stefanka is planning to work on this.

  * Get rid of the configuration file
    Well that's the 0.9 todo list. Maybe it's best to keep it separate 
from this list.

  * Find a way to document the registry
    I had a discussion with Alexandre and lamented that, now that we're 
going to move things out of the configuration, we won't be able to put 
comments describing what each setting does. However we already have the 
problem with all of the Windows settings. Furthermore he noted that it's 
hard to find where a given setting is used in the Wine code (because the 
registry path is encoded as a Unicode string?). And the problem is 
compounded by the lack of proper documentation for registry settings in 
    So the idea is to create a way to document each registry setting in 
the source code so it can be extracted with a tool similar to 
(or with a hacked

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