Regression in Half life

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sat May 7 05:41:43 CDT 2005

> >I switched to the Xorg radeon driver which has 16 bpp support(the 2nd
> > column shows 16 now), and made sure that hl runs with 16bpp, but the
> > error still occurs.
> Yes it don't work,
> because you speak about frame buffer (named Color buffer on traces) when
> you speak about 16bpp. I spoke about depth buffer
Good, thanks for explaining this to me. I mixed the two buffers.
Well, HL doesn't offer any depth buffer setting. There's only one console 
command, "gl_zmax", which is supposed to set the maximum depth buffer size. 
The default is 4096, and changing this value has no effect on the error.(HL 
still tries to get a 32 bit depth buffer)

I sort of fixed the problem for me by forcing the depth buffer to 24 bit in 
dlls/x11drv/opengl.c, but I understand that this is not a real solution. Is 
there any chance for a better fix? I have no chance to fix this in the game 
nor in the video driver


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