Stack size allocations

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at
Sat May 7 04:47:08 CDT 2005

Robert Lunnon wrote:
> I wish to propose two changes that I currently have in my Solaris patchkit. 
> I'll use two separate e-mails here to avoid confusion.
> Both changes add environment variables controlling the way wine does things.
> The first patch addresses a problem I have found where Windows applications 
> under wine exceed the allocated stack. By default wine allocates the same 1MB 
> stack that windows does but wine has  a different stack consumption that does 
> windows, adding the wine translation layers, possibly OGL then X calls on top 
> of this.
> The following patch allows an environment variable WINE_STACK to redefine the 
> minimum stack to give applications and to add extra stack to that declared in 
> the executables header to allow for additional stack consumption. Currently 
> it works like this
> if WINE_STACK is not set the default semantics are used just like wine does 
> today
> if WINE_STACK is set then wine allocates the maximum of the value given in the 
> WINE_STACK env var or 1MB.  25% of the value specified in WINE_STACK is added 
> to the value declared in the applications executable header to provide more 
> headroom for wine/X calls.
> Please excuse the primitive debugging included for now, it'll have to be 
> removed for primetime.
> Comments anyone ?

I think this is a bit weird:
`wine prog.exe`
is not equivalent to:
`WINE_STACK=1M wine prog.exe`
-- it is equivalent to this weird thing:
`WINE_STACK=838860B wine prog.exe`

Why wouldn't you simple add that 25% extra in every case?



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