Game sound problem with wine 20050310 (Debian testing)

J. Grant jg at
Sat May 7 07:45:20 CDT 2005

Hi Paul Thank you for your quick response

On 07/05/05 09:00, Paul van Schayck wrote:
> On 5/6/05, J. Grant <jg at> wrote:
>> I added these extra lines to my ~/.wine/config file, pasted them to me
>> on #winehq.  I could not find these in the config documentation, could
>> they be added somewhere please?
> There is basically no documentation on the config file.

I did find "man wine.conf", however that is quite incomplete it seems.

Also these files:

22 /usr/share/doc/wine/config -> ../../wine/skel/config
8050  /usr/share/wine/skel/config

This FAQ entry
5.3. How do I configure Wine to run on my system?

Wine requires that you have a config file as ~/.wine/config. The format
of this file is explained in the wine.conf man page. The file
documentation/samples/config ( contains a
config file example. More explicit directions can be found in the README
file ( that will be located in
the base Wine directory after you gunzip and untar the distribution file.

I wonder if this could be added to the man page?  Also could
/usr/share/wine/skel/config be added to the man page?

The other area of document which I think could be improved is "man
wine".  For instance Call of Duty would not run with whatever was the
default "Windows" that resulted when no override in [Version] section of

So I had to create one with this:


I remember there used to be a --winver=win2k style command line
argument, but it seems to have gone now.  Or is it still present, but
undocumented? (Or maybe I missed some documentation?)

I did find a copy of the wine.conf man page on the website as well,
could that copy of the man page be expanded to cover all the options please?

>> [dsound]
>> ;"Drivers" = "wineoss.drv" ; default for most common configurations
>> ;"Drivers" = "winearts.drv" ; for KDE
>> "Drivers" = "winealsa.drv" ; for ALSA users
> Those should not be in [dsound] but in [winmm]. Try ALSA or OSS. Could
> make a difference.
> You could also set UseMmap to n in [wineoss] when using that.

ok, thank you. Sorry I got them in the wrong section, I was just
guessing as I had not found any complete documentation then.

I could not find [wineoss] section documentation in any of the locations
I am aware of. I just set it to "1" but it did not seem to make any
difference to the audio lag unfortunately.

>> Unfortunately these did not really change anything. I uncomment them and
>> changed them around to see if anything changed, but I had to go with eh
>> "Emulation" bit uncommented as above to get the game to work at all.
>> (Gave a sound error while loading otherwise)
> It's quite common to have dsound in emulation (it won't work without).
> This means a lot of load comes down to the cpu, and where perhaps your
> latency comes from.

By "emulation" do you simply mean that the dsound api is wrapped, and
then the data passed to ALSA or OSS etc?  Or do you mean that there is a
significant amount of dsound "emulation" processing on the data before
it is passed to ALSA or OSS etc?

Is it very common to have this lag? I am using a 2.2Ghz AlthonXP 32bit
(3200+) with 1GB ram.

I do get far more network lag than I did when running Call of Duty on
win2k. Could this be caused by the sound lag?  Is network lag a second
issue with is sometimes common?

I am not on this list, please include my email address in any replies.

Kind regards

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