Game sound problem with wine 20050310 (Debian testing)

J. Grant jg at
Sat May 7 10:52:08 CDT 2005

On 07/05/05 14:54, Paul van Schayck wrote:
> On 5/7/05, J. Grant <jg at> wrote:
>> I did find "man wine.conf", however that is quite incomplete it seems.
> Incomplete and not to be trusted on accurate information.

Is there a reason the man page does not state that?

>> I wonder if this could be added to the man page?  Also could
>> /usr/share/wine/skel/config be added to the man page?
> No, we are dropping the config file completely. And as heads up, there
> will be no conversion tool to the new system. As Alexandre said: "we
> should stop being nice [in this conversion period]".
> The config will be moved to the registry and winecfg.

Until it is it would be very useful to have it documented.

is there a reason the man page does not state it is not required anymore?

Presently it states "wine  expects a configuration file"

>> I remember there used to be a --winver=win2k style command line
>> argument, but it seems to have gone now.  Or is it still present, but
>> undocumented? (Or maybe I missed some documentation?)
> That option was dropped a bit over a year ago.

So how can I set the winver when I run an program from the command prompt?

>> I did find a copy of the wine.conf man page on the website as well,
>> could that copy of the man page be expanded to cover all the options please?
> There is no list of options in the first place right now. With the
> system we will be looking into creating a tool that will grab all
> options from the source code so we can keep the list up to date.
>> I could not find [wineoss] section documentation in any of the locations
>> I am aware of. I just set it to "1" but it did not seem to make any
>> difference to the audio lag unfortunately.
> Both the [wineoss] and [winealsa] options have never been documented.
> The normal behaviour though with a lack of performance and dsound is
> not lag but cliping sound. So I don't think it's a performance issue.
>> I do get far more network lag than I did when running Call of Duty on
>> win2k. Could this be caused by the sound lag?  Is network lag a second
>> issue with is sometimes common?
> Set the [winmm] "drivers" option to nothing. You won't get any sound
> at all. Is the lag now less?

Does the case not matter?

err:wave:DSDB_MapBuffer Could not map sound device for direct access 
(Input/output error)
err:wave:DSDB_MapBuffer Use: "HardwareAcceleration" = "Emulation" in the 
[dsound] section of your config file

^^ had to turn this back on.

then there was sound again, so I could not test.

please include my email address in replies.

Kind regards

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