Commercial support

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sat May 7 13:38:55 CDT 2005

Tom Wickline wrote:
> On 5/7/05, Brian Vincent <brian.vincent at> wrote:
>>When did this happen?  
> I thought Jer set it up when he set up the pay-pal account, I guess not, my bad.

I registered 'The Wine Project' as a 'Doing Business As'
name.  Basically, this means that I have a legal right to
also use that name in Minnesota; that gave me the right
to create a bank account with that name.

There's no official corporation around that; it's just me,
and that's where the paypal money goes (bwahahahah, you're
all fools to trust me <grin>).

Last year, I spent most of the money in that account
on travel subsidies.  This year, we didn't get as
many requests, so we're fairly flush. I need to square a few
expenses; like the 100 EUR we promised for the students party
fund, so I don't have an exact amount; probably $1200 or so.

We've debated in the past how best to spend that money; I've come
to believe that the best use of it is on Wineconf, in whatever
ways make sense.



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