Stable release builds with fixme output (Wine 20050310 debian sarge/testing)

Felix Nawothnig felix.nawothnig at
Sun May 8 02:42:37 CDT 2005

On 05/07/2005 05:55:35 PM, J. Grant wrote:
> On 07/05/05 16:15, Paul van Schayck wrote:
>> On 5/7/05, J. Grant <jg at> wrote:
>>> I typically launch applications using wine from the terminal, I get
>>> pages of these fixme debug messages.  I wonder if there is a reason
>>> these fixme "harmless" messages are being displayed? IMHO stable
>>> releases should only output err messages, thus not displaying fixme
>>> or warnings.  I wonder if this has been considered already?

Not all fixme's are harmless. Most of them are actually potentially  
hazardous - most of the time they indicate missing features.

I also don't see how supressing fixme's has something to do with  
"stable" releases anyway - a "stable" release should probably  
immediatly terminate the process on any fixme since continuing  
execution might lead to instability.

And such a "stable" wine release would be pretty useless right now.

>> "This is still a developers only release.  There are many bugs
>> and unimplemented features.  Most applications still do not work
>> correctly."
> People choose to use whatever there is because there is no other  
> choice, in these circumstances it would be more suitable to release a  
> version suitable for users which will mean you get bug reports.

Bug reports without any hint what actually went wrong. The user's might  
maybe even get the idea that the application is buggy and not wine.


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